Resist Conformity

Your haven for anything anti-school.


Your haven for anything against schools.

On this website we have it all. Homework help? Sure. What to study for on tests? No problem. Unblock school game websites? Easy. Even a proxy list for the more daring of you. Anything you need, just click on the link on the top of the page.

Visit the forums to post about anything, not the hamburger your eating now, but anything that can help us. If you just took a test and know there was alot of a certain type of problem on there, let everyone else know to study for that type the most. If you figured out a tough problem on homework then post away, or even if you just figured out a way to crack all the homework sheets.

Visit our info pages for help on anything. If your bored in your computer class check out our Unblocked School Games page, we have a decently sized list of websites that most school filters dont know about. Some of them have a pretty good stash of games, too.

Want to access a website that schools don't normally allow? Try a proxy. Proxies are sliiiightly against the school code however they cause no damage. Pretty much what they do is download the website you want to access through a remote server, and display it for you. This means anything ONLINE such as an mmo or something wont work, but anything with just text or download links should work. Videos sometimes work and sometimes don't. Don't forget to keep things private though, teachers wont be happy if they catch you on- lets just say websites that shouldn't be viewed at school.

Anything else you need is here for you on the chat and the forums. Ask away and we will be happy to help. Thanks for visiting.

Site Rules:

By visiting this website you solemnly swear you will follow every rule to the exact.

1. You will NOT inform any figure of authority at any school about this site.

2. You will only recommend or invite people to this site if you are friends with them and know they wont tell.

3. You will not use real names - ever. No real names in usernames, forum posts, or anything.

4. For your location, use your school. Not the full name, just the initials.  

5. Follow all other rules on the forums, chat, and whatever else.


We are not responsible for anything which may happen to you as a result of the information posted on this website. While we can make suggestions for things to do at your school, we strongly advise that you act out of your better judgement based on your knowledge of your school's policies. We do not advocate for and will not support destruction of property and inflicting physical/mental harm on others.

HEY! YOU! Don't forget to make an account so you can post stuff on the forums!


We are now having a contest! Everybody involved in this site needs to help for it to work. That's why Oz and Wootiown are putting on a contest - to see who can get the most people to join!


Heres how it works:

1. You go tell all your friends to join. Make sure they are trustworthy, because the last thing we need is a snitch.

2. When they join have them post something in the "Referrals" section of the forums. Make sure they mention your USERNAME, not your real name.

3. When one of the admins see that you have referred somebody, we will add a point to you. Points can then be exchanged for prizes!


Points for prizes:

1 point - A high five!

5 points - Pack of gum

8 Points - Pack of big Tic-Tacs

10 Points - A king size chocolate bar of your choice

15 Points - One big box of Movie Theater sized candy.

20 Points - One item of your choice free, from 5 below.


Can you get more than 20 points? Only you know! Go for as high as you can, and remember...

The sky is NOT the limit.